Although we are now allowed to resume accommodating guests, there are a number of stringent protocols that the National Accommodation Association of SA insists that we put into place.

 This serves three purposes:

  1. To protect yourselves from contracting the virus as a result of your visit to our Valley.
  2. To protect ourselves and our staff from contracting the virus from you.
  3. To prevent you from introducing or aiding the spread of the virus in our Valley.

Some of the most important points are:

  • Prior to your visit, if you’re not well, you’re obliged to delay your visit rather than run the risk of infecting others.
  • If you’ve had the virus, you may not visit until 14 days after the onset of symptoms.
  • You’re asked to make as few stops en route to your destination as possible.
  • A detailed form from National Accommodation Association of South Africa will be provided at reception for you to complete on arrival at the lodge.
  • The personal information on the form will be highly confidential, unless you are found to have contracted or passed on the virus. In this case the information will be shared with the Department of Health, together with a completed Track and Trace form.
  • Your temperature will be taken on arrival.
  • Should you, or one of your groups, show any symptoms, you are obliged by law to inform us immediately and return home to isolation.
  • At home you will follow the necessary medical procedures.
  • The normal Track and Trace procedure will have to be carried out.
  • If you or members of your family have any comorbidity it is recommended NOT to travel.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided and should be used regularly.
  • Masks should be worn and social distancing practised.
  • Staff will NOT enter your unit at any time during your stay and linen will not be changed. Therefore the rooms will not be serviced during your stay. If you require additional towels or need to stock up on the items at the coffee station, please ask the staff for help.

We look forward to hosting you soon.

Take care and Safe Travels